There has been some confusion about due dates and turn in times, with students in multiple classes of mine, messing up the Perspective notebook, with the Basics Drawing for Entertainment Art notebook, while overhearing conversations I have had with other students.
So here is the solution...

Basic Drawing for Entertainment Arts- Notebook- Due Dec 10th 1:15 pm Room 1015

Perspective Notebook- Thursday Dec 6th 8am to 1pm Room 1026


Page Count Week 1 through Week 7 Week 1 & 2-  Page filled with a shape below                  5 pages 
Week 3 & 4-  Focus on Organic shapes                         5 pages
Week  5- Shape Interaction                                            3 pages 
Week 6 - Mannequin Sketching                                      3 pages
Week 7 - Mannequin Sketching=                                     4 pages Week8 - People Sketching Field Trip                               4 pages Week9 & 10 Prop Sketching with Line using grid            3 pages Week 11- Tracing Paper-Light studies of Props              2 pages Week 12 & 13- Organic Samples on Tone Paper            3 pages Week 14, 15, 16- Final                                                     4 pages

Drawing in Tone with Prisma Color Pencil & Tracing Paper- Final Assignment

Produce 3 pages
1 page of Props Sketching
1 Page of Rough Building
1 Final Store Front Render

We are going to create a storefront with various props outside it, that match the themes below. This way as students you get exposed to the design process that would be required in a professional/illustrative industry assignment. Before designing the store front, you need to gather reference and design the props that will be outside the building.

Part 1 After the props are done in roughs format we will clean them up as a tight line drawing (minimum 1 page, due for May 10th) . Pick one of the locations below a draw a series of props that could be used for this store front. Fill a page with different ideas for least 8 props. Start with roughs, then after Wednesday Critique, start the "clean up of props" line drawing,
Due for Nov 21st.

Part 2  Then you will start working on some roughs building thumbnails ideas for the store front creation, numerous variations on a page…